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The recent sunshine we’ve been lucky to see has made it start to feel like Spring, which in turn reminded me of this great shoot from Juliet McKee. It’s so important to get all the family together every once in a while:

This lovely family shoot took place because mum Katy read a blog post written by the photographer Juliet Mckee. Juliet’s post on Mother Love mentioned how, as she’s always the one behind the camera capturing those precious memories, she has very few photos of herself with her children. Regardless of whether you’re a photographer or not usually there’s one parent that picks up the camera more often than the other. And other than those staged timer shots, which sometimes capture a running parent that didn’t quite make it, lovely natural family photos are few and far between.

For that reason a professional shoot is a fantastic idea! And that’s how Katy, her husband and her three adorable girls (Jules, Mads and Lotty) all ended up in the company of Juliet. The result? Natural beautiful shots of all the family…


 Heart Debs

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