Happy (belated) birthday!

Today would normally be Verity’s day to post but I imagine she’ll be most likely nursing a hangover, as yesterday was her birthday! I was completely useless and didn’t get round to posting a happy birthday on the blog in time, but I hope she forgives me with this belated post and picture of the two of us ;)


I’d just like to say that bringing Verity on board with this blog is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s so much more fun blogging with a buddy, having someone to bounce ideas off and deciding where we can go next. Decisions made over numerous brews I might add!

We have so many exciting plans and ideas for this blog and other ventures, some of which you’ll see in the next few months. Verity’s also finally set a date for her wedding this October so it’s fair to say 2013 is going to be bloomin’ brilliant!

Happy belated birthday Verity! Love you dude :)

 Heart Debs

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