Band aids and plasters… just more adorable!

We share loads of fun games, and toys, and happy things on this blog. But sometimes it’s not all happy times for little ones… sad face. And often a plaster (or band aid for our overseas pals) is required to make the bumps and bruises feel better. Those beige ones are just a little too dull though, so I highly recommend you get creative with your plasters! There are loads of novelty ones on the market nowadays. A quick Google search will point you in the right direction. Such as these found on Shiny Shack


Pretty plasters

What if you want something a little prettier? If you have a spare afternoon on your hands you can actually prettify plasters with fabric of your choice! Just follow this simple tutorial for band aids that are practically a fashion accessory…


Awesome images: Craft and Creativity

For the hardcore kids

And the best band aids I’ve seen? These:


Awesome images: Urban Outfitters

An Urban Outfitters creation that sadly is no longer selling. But with inkjet printable fabric and the above tutorial you could still make your own!

Teddy aid

And if all these adorable band aids fail to cheer your little one up, remember that misery loves company and a poorly teddy to share their pain may be just what the doctor ordered. In my research for this post I actually found forums discussing how to remove plasters from cuddly toys! So stay away. Instead, why not make these felt plasters…


Awesome images courtesy of Pink & Green Mama

SO Cute!

 Heart Debs

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  1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked my pictures! :) Thanks for sharing! /Helena

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