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Revisiting this old post because Little Sapling Toys are still great AND they’re a fantastic idea for Christmas gifts!

I’m sure children don’t care if their toys are plastic or wooden but I do! I absolutely adore wooden toys and although I’ll buy my child plastic toys (if they absolutely insist!) I’m still going to be purchasing a lot of beautiful wooden toys hoping they’ll become as fond of them as I am!

Idaho-based Little Sapling Toys create stunning wooden toys that they intend to be passed from generation to generation. Made from Maple, Cherry and Walnut woods together with their own beeswax and organic jojoba oil finish, these toys are to be cherished rather than chucked! And, as they are conscious of the environment, they sell their toys in recycled packaging and plant a tree for every toy sold.

Teething toys

Their teething toys are easily the nicest I have seen and I love that your little one could be chewing on a tooth!


Gorgeous grain

The grain of the wood and the variations in colour between different wood types makes these toys truly beautiful…


And for any photographers that view this blog, I’m sure you may well want these next personalised products for your children. Get them introduced to a camera early, even if it does mean them chewing on one ;)


With a spinning selector ‘switch’ and a lens that turns as if to focus I’d quite like a personalised wooden camera myself! :D

 Heart Debs

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