Lions and pandas and bears…

Today I’m revisiting this post from last year featuring Spirithoods – because if you haven’t already, you need to join the tribe!

After my little diversion into Disneyland I promised you wintery. As once a fortnight we share clothing related posts I had to find you adorable attire that would withstand the wintery weather. And so I bring you SpiritHoods! These awesome, faux fur, hats are the perfect get-up for the cold weather whilst also looking completely cool. I’m pretty sure your little ones will want to run through the woods and howl like wolves when wearing these hoods…


And just in case you’re starting to feel a little bit envious that your kid gets all the coolest clothes, you should know that they do adult sizes too! ;)


 Heart Verity

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Phone: 213 542 5550

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