Halinka’s Fairies

I spent last Sunday at The Country Living Fair in Harrogate. There were lots of lovely stalls, including my friend Esther’s Owl & Cat Designs, but I wanted to share with you just one: the adorable Halinka’s Fairies.

Halinka started making her fairies to fund her daughter Lottie’s ballet training. It would appear to have been well worth it too as at the age of 16 Lottie was offered a place at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington!

There are so many different types to choose from… but they’re all adorable and they’d all look lovely in your house this Christmas!



The Nutcracker Collection


Fairytale sets


Nativity set



My favourites!


Treetop fairy

And there are even those to go atop the tree, including this one which my mum bought! My mum’s loved fairies since she was a little girl :)


They’re not the cheapest tree ornaments you’ll find but when you see them it’s obvious just how much work has gone into them. I’ll have to treat myself to some skaters next year :)

 Heart Debs

Vendor Details:
Halinka’s Fairies website
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Phone: 01273 727642

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