A modern marble run

Me and my brother had a marble run when we were kids. I imagine it was this Galt one or something extremely similar. It was so much fun building the tracks and chucking marble after marble down. I loved that marble run and was reminded of my childhood when I saw this cool, contemporary version by BERNHARD | BURKARD. It’s definitely a little more costly than the marble run we had as children but it’s a nice alternative to a toy that continuously needs packing away… because you can stick it to your fridge!


In fact I bet my brother would even enjoy messing with this marble run now. And, speaking of my brother, it’s his birthday today and, as he’s someone that’s helped me a lot with this blog in the past and someone I know I’ll be asking for more help with this blog in the future I best keep him sweet, and wish him a massive happy birthday and tell him he’s awesome ;D

To end with, here’s a little photo of another game me and my bro played as kids…


 Heart Debs

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