BabyLit: Literature for little ones

I ♥ BabyLit!

This awesome idea introduces classic literature to your kids in a stupidly cute way. The illustration style is contemporary and colourful and all the products are based on the books your children should read one day (I’m not a Twilight fan if I’m honest) ;)

There are simplified stories in beautiful board books, prints for the nursery walls, stuffed plush characters, cute badges and trendy tote bags…

BabyLit: Literature for Little OnesBabyLit: Literature for Little Ones

For us UK customers the books are available on Amazon. The other items may be a little harder to get hold of as international shipping doesn’t currently seem to be an option. Which is actually probably a good thing. Because I want it ALL.

Update: Dan from BabyLit got in touch to say they do ship internationally after all! It appears a little website glitch made me believe otherwise! So you can go and buy everything :D

 Heart Debs

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One Response to “BabyLit: Literature for little ones”

  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for the glowing review of BabyLit books and products! We actually do ship internationally, right from the website. Please let us know if you are experiencing any problems. Thanks!

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