A cowboy, a tiger, a dog & more!

If you have little ones, chances are this week saw you dressing them up in the spirit of Halloween. A couple of cousins donned five outfits between them this Halloween (sometimes one just isn’t enough!) Luckily for us the awesome, Guildford-based, photographer Kate Griffin was there to capture it. Here’s a snippet of what she said about the day…

Here are a couple of cousins, dressed up to the nines, prowling around the Surrey woodland, scaring their parents, but delighting them too. I’ve found that if you let kids, they will give you everything of who they are in a photograph. The growls, scowls and grumps. Together with the laughter, sparkle and fun. It’s all there in them. You just have to be able to see it…


Such a brilliant shoot! If you’re looking for something similar just give Kate a shout.

And have a happy weekend you hear me?! ;)

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Kate Griffin Photography
Contact Kate
Phone: 0784 147 9035

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One Response to “A cowboy, a tiger, a dog & more!”

  1. Fanni says:

    This is a great shoot Kate! I love it!! Especially love the photos of the little girl in the tiger costume, brilliant! plus the light in all is just beautiful. Great work Fx

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