My best friend’s birthday

One year ago today, it was Debs’ 29th birthday which of course, with a little calculation, means that today’s the day… the ‘big’ 3-0! Time to take stock and evaluate one’s achievements? Not where I come from Debs! Before any of that grown up malarkey, it’s time to party! And this weekend we shall be doing exactly that, in a yurt, surrounded by stunning Lake District scenery.

Sleeping in this…

In surroundings (and hoping for weather) like this…

Awesome images courtesy of The Lovely Yurt Company

Watching Debs dance around like this… :)

Debs has started a new blog today, along with this one and the gorgeous Belle Amour, she now also has a personal blog, Live Small, Dream Big. Check it out, it is awesome. Obviously.

Which just leaves me to say, a massive, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBS! So maybe you didn’t achieve everything on your (very ambitious) list of goals for this year, but just look at what you HAVE achieved. I may have your typical ‘a boyfriend, 2 kids, a house and a car’ kind of life, but I can only dream of a year like you’ve had. My advice to you is continue to take advantage of your situation right now. While you are without ties or responsibilities, make the most of it! DO work for yourself, DO travel to amazing places and DON’T settle for anything less than absolutely awesome. Because that my friend, is what you are.

 Heart Verity x

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