Baby’s firsts

Infographics are all the rage at the moment. And I’ve found one of the most awesome infographics of all time, because it’s all about the beautiful baby in your life! Available to pre-order now, by Strange Birdy Studios, this cool poster comes with 30 things to fill in documenting your baby’s ‘firsts’. From their first words, to their first foods, even their first Halloween costume… this poster is a lovely way to document the important milestones in your baby’s life.


And after it’s all filled in you can put it on the wall where it will look completely cool! You can also get it in card form too for sending to the other special people in baby’s life.

Orders start shipping on the 8th October and even if your little one hasn’t arrived yet I still think it’s worth buying. In fact if you do fancy one I’d put it on the wall before it’s even filled in. With all the chaos a baby can bring it’s easy to forget to document the little things like this, and it would be so lovely to look back and remember these milestones when your little one is not so little anymore :)

 Heart Debs

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