A hobbit’s hideaway & a mouse’s house

I love dolls’ houses and have since I was a little girl. It’s a love that must have been passed down to me from my mum. She also loves them and a few years ago for Christmas me and my brother bought her one. I’ve loved researching different materials to build it with, visiting fairs to buy supplies and spending time working on it. It’s not quite finished yet but you can have a sneaky peek over on my portfolio site.

As well as a love of the miniature craft, The Brambly Hedge books were defining books of my childhood and The Lord of the Rings kept me company during a gap year in Australia. Now you may think that’s all weird information to tell you but all will become clear when you see what I stumbled across on the internet yesterday.

Maddie Chambers has taken her love of those books to an amazing level. Blown away is an understatement for what I felt when I saw the following incredible creations!

Bag End, a hobbit’s home

For many more pictures head here and for how it was made check this out.

A miniature mouse house

For lots more pics head here and to see how it was made get yourself over here

Can you imagine how much a child would love playing with these?! Although, to be honest, if I made these I don’t know if I’d dare let anybody touch them!

 Heart Debs

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