Tambino furniture

Why are so many cool things in America? I hate factoring in shipping cost! But sometimes you just have to, because cool things are worth paying that little bit extra for ;) The cool things I’m talking about today are from California-based Tambino.

There’s a car that is not only fun to look at but it also keeps those toys tidy and acts as a desk for a little one…


There are these ingenious storage devices that fit onto a bed; I’m particularly fond of that Noah’s Ark cuddly toy holder..


There’s also the multi-functional easel formed from the letter ‘A’…


And they have some amazing cushions that are pretty darn expensive, and even more so with shipping, but that I just couldn’t resist including because the last picture made me laugh :D


For all that and loads more here’s the link you want :)

 Heart Debs

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