Scarlett’s School Shoot

We featured a lovely back to school shoot from Vicki Knights a couple of weeks ago and today we have another one. Here’s the Essex-based photographer Marie Donn to tell us more…

The session was inspired by the changing season and my recent acquisition of a vintage desk and chair! Scarlett has started school this month, and it was the perfect time to capture her in her school uniform for the first time – there is just something about that first time seeing them in the whole school uniform all ready to go from the bow in her hair to her shiny new shoes, and the milestone of independence and discovery – for me it feels on a level to seeing your child dressed up on their wedding day!

I just loved this shoot, which was styled in a woodland near Brentwood in Essex. Having all the props myself meant that it was really easy to arrange and select a beautiful spot. The apples (for Scarlett, not the teacher!) were a classic addition, and I enjoyed gathering the vintage Topsy and Tim and Ladybird school books too. We played around with the props, but of course the focus of the shoot was capturing Scarlett at this never-to-be-repeated moment, her excitement and wonder at what school will hold for her.


Awesome images courtesy of Marie Donn

It’s not too late to capture these images – for me any time in a child’s first term is perfect to capture that newness. I already have people in contact since the shoot asking about next year too!

I wish I had thought to do it with my daughter Sofie, who’s just gone into Year 1, but in the end she jumped into the set after Scarlett was done and got her own shots out of uniform. I’ve also launched a competition to win a photoshoot which people can enter by sending me photos (before September 21st) of what their children wish they could wear to school – it should be fun!

Thanks to Marie for sharing a great shoot! I especially love that there’s a Topsy & Tim book in it, I read those myself as a little girl!

 Heart Debs

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3 Responses to “Scarlett’s School Shoot”

  1. Marie says:

    Thanks so much for featuring this session – it was SO much fun to style!

  2. Debs says:

    You’re welcome! We love the shoot! I’m going to have to dig out my Topsy & Tim books now – I know I still have them somewhere :D x

  3. Tina says:

    Just happened upon this post and i love your how this session was put together! Very thoughtful and creative. :)

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