Poppies & pages

If you’re looking for some artwork for your little one’s walls you could search for a beautiful illustration in a frame, or you could do something a little different, make the art go much further than a frame, and have it cover an entire wall! The following photos are from fantastic photo shoots by Maddy Lucas but these could easily be decoration ideas for a child’s room…

Paper Poppies


More photos.

Vintage pages


Awesome images: Maddy Lucas via Chic Cheap Nursery . More photos.

Definitely DIYable and affordable too. The poppies are just layers of cut paper in various sizes and the vintage page idea could be created by visiting car boot sales and flea markets and gathering up a load of old books. If you can’t bring yourself to rip up the books then just photocopy the pages onto a thick paper; you could still rip the edges to give it a more authentic look :)

 Heart Debs

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