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It’s that time of year when children up and down the country have bought a shiny new pencil case, and more pens than they’ll ever need, in preparation for school. Some of them will just be returning after a fun summer but for others it will be a completely new experience. To celebrate this milestone in her own adorable son’s life, Vicki Knights set up a very special shoot. Here she is to tell us more…

My oldest son Harrison is starting reception this September so I wanted to do a shoot with him to mark this big step. I was chatting to the editor of our local lifestyle magazine and she was saying that she never has any ‘back to school’ images for her September issue so I decided to combine the two… get some lovely photos of my boy while also providing the magazine with a cover for their September issue.

I knew I wanted to do something in a slight vintage style and so I searched on ebay for a traditional blazer, and also for some old vintage kids’ books. And then, of course, I needed a shiny red apple for the teacher! I took Harrison down to our local fields early one evening when the light was at its best, and spent about 10 minutes taking lots of shots to ensure I had a good choice for the editor to choose from.

I’m really pleased with how they came out. Harrison was a perfect model (it’s amazing what the bribe of a lolly can do!) I’m so pleased I did this shoot as I have a lovely record of my son just before he starts ‘big boy’ school.


And we’re glad you shared them with us Vicki! Good luck to Harrison and all the other children starting school this September. And to all the mums and dads having to wave them off at the school gates, remember to take tissues… I’ve heard it’s emotional :’)

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  1. Holly says:

    Awww, so ridiculously cute!!!

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