Babatude is a great new website which collects fantastic products for parents and children alike, from all over the world, and makes them easily accessible! Here’s Joanna to tell us more…

We have brought together hand-selected artists and designers from around the globe with a collection of fun, one-of-a-kind, eco friendly, stylish and unique products for both parents and children; lifestyle, decor, furniture, clothing and gifts… ideas you’re not likely to find anywhere else!

We have found some amazing artisans from USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Japan, France, Germany and a handful of other countries and brought them together under one roof.

As well as finding whimsical, vibrant discoveries and ideas on Babatude, we have also bundled up our products so clients can select those which offer free worldwide delivery, those products which pledge to donate a part of the sales to a charity/worthy cause, and those which are organic, eco-friendly or fairtrade.

  1. Watermelon ballerina shoes £26.50
  2. Safety bracelets £35
  3. Doughnut fabric wall sticker £15
  4. Colour burst swim shorts £29.50
  5. Personalised typography print £38
  6. Blue bow dress £35

Head over to Babatude’s website now to see all of these products and a whole lot more! Such a great range! :) Thanks to Joanna for introducing us to Babatude!

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