Ombre drawers

Just one image. But it’s a beautiful image, and there’s an awesome DIY idea to go along with it!


Awesome image via Bungalow

So you see that gorgeous ombre dresser in the image? You could do that yourself!

Get down to a car boot/flea market/charity shop, find yourself an old, sad-looking chest of drawers, and then enjoy picking out paint. You’ll only need two shades of paint, the main colour and white. To create the ombre effect just keep adding more white for each drawer. And make sure you mix up a lot because it sucks to run out mid coat!

You could even buy some fancy new handles and line the drawers with cute patterned paper in matching colours. I really need a nursery to work on so I can make all the things I see in my head :)

 Heart Debs

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