Play with your food (yes, really!)

The idea I’m about to show you from Alexis Birkmeyer of Oh Happy Day, is actual genius! Not only does it look really cool, but it actively (and successfully) encourages children to eat healthily! THAT is a diy project worth sharing, don’t ya think :)

Brilliant idea and so easy to do! Just grab yourself some (food friendly) porcelain markers and get sketching some simple backgrounds. Then let the kids fill in the gaps! Or, for a cheaper, disposable option, paper plates and felt pens would work equally well! For the full tutorial, head over to Oh Happy Day. Oh yes, and don’t forget, to play with your food! :)

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One Response to “Play with your food (yes, really!)”

  1. Ned says:

    That’s so cool.. food art!:D

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