Jubilee Party

Planning a Jubilee party with the children? Here are some great ideas from around the web to help you!

  1. Jubilee fabric badge set from Not on the High Street; £3.75 for 4
  2. Paper Union Jack bags from Pipii; £3 for 20
  3. Jubilee shortbread recipe from Good To Know;
  4. DIY snack pots from Good To Know;
  5. Use your party to raise some money and hold a charity cupcake sale for Save the Children;
  6. Jubilee pencils from Baker Ross; £1.68 for 6
  7. Bunting Balls from Not on the High Street; £32 for 4m
  8. Activities, decorations, food and invitations from Alice’s Royal Wedding Party;
  9. Candles from Folksy; £6.99

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