Photobooth fun

Photos are always a great gift for someone and often we’ll just pick one we love, put it in a frame and give that as the gift. But I really love today’s idea for a 40th birthday present from fab photographer Xanthe Berkeley. Rather than just take one picture for the gift she took lots and then arranged them to look like photo booth photos!

You could definitely try this yourself, switch your camera to black and white, get a few props and position your children against a white wall. You will then need to use an editing programme to cut them to size after and arrange like a photo strip. Of course you could just go to an actual photo booth to do this but the original ones that took four different images are so hard to find now and getting young children to patiently sit through this many photos is hard! You may really annoy anybody else waiting to have their photo taken too!

When Xanthe set up her ‘photo booth’ “lots of fun, smiles, tears and silliness ensued, the stuff real life is made of”…





 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Xanthe Berkeley website
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Phone: 07890 234 578

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