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One thing that many parents find a necessity in a nursery is the alphabet. There must be thousands of versions of those 26 letters waiting to adorn your child’s wall. Today I have a lovely embroidered example to show you. For the crafty amongst you the following alphabet comes sold as individual PDF patterns or you can be ambitious and get the whole lot …


Designed by, Minneapolis-based, Alyssa and sold through her business Penguin & Fish these lovely animals with their corresponding letters look sweet individually but would make a fantastic feature together.


Or drop the letters and the educational element and have them as purely decorative displays…


Sans sewing

However, if stitching’s not your thing then avert your attention to some of Alyssa’s other creations; the cutest kitties and unicorns! The legs are uniquely positioned on these creatures so you can see all four at once. Each animal is one of a kind using various different fabrics and Alyssa numbers them all on the back in the order they were created…


With the beautiful fabrics and sweet handmade simplicity used in these creations I can see them becoming toys that are passed from generation to generation. Perhaps that means I could get one now and pass it on to my child when I eventually have one :)

 Heart Debs

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