Moustachioed baby

Etsy is full of amazing finds! And so when I decided it would be fun to do a post on moustachioed products Etsy was the most logical place to turn…

It didn’t disappoint! Here are 10 delightful moustache-featuring finds that I hope you’ll love as much as I do!


Children love regular shaped crayons so surely they’ll go crazy for these moustache-shaped ones! And if they attempt to eat them at least you’ll get a little laugh whilst it’s balanced above their lips. Before you have to go and stop them.


From Polkadotty


For the little man in your life this is a fab downloadable, print-it-yourself invite that would work amazingly with a whole moustache-themed party.


From Quax

Felt moustaches

Definitely one for the aforementioned party. Or any other occasion…


From Her Flying Horses

Baby bib

There’s just something so delightful to the eye about a symmetrical moustache that it has found its way onto hundreds of products, such as a bib…


From Abstract Grace


… and a onesie. Cute!


From Rae Gun

Number Art

For the nursery walls, I do love this moustachioed number print!


From Sugarfresh

Teething toy

When your child isn’t chewing on this teething toy they can hold it up to their face and look adorable à la…


From Littlealouette

Jumper pattern

This pattern alone means I need to know how to knit before I have a baby, because I want them wearing this super-sweet sweater so badly!


From Paperama

Moustache mobile

Mobiles come in many forms, this is easily one of the coolest I’ve seen.


From Jäll & Tofta


Awwwwwwwwwwww! I LOVE!


From Pleasantly Plump Knits

 Heart Debs

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