Gunapod wearable blanket

Any parent will know that keeping babies covered at night or nap time is not far from impossible with traditional blankets. Baby sleeping bags overcome that very issue by encasing baby’s feet so the covers can’t be kicked off by a wriggly baby. I came across the Gunapod when searching for such products online and the lovely Joy of Gunamuna was kind enough to share one with us to review for you!

What’s different about the Gunapod is the way it opens. It zips all the way around, from arm to arm, it zips right down the front and it also has press studs on the shoulders. This means that there are plenty of ways to get to your sleeping baby for nappy changes or temperature ventilation, and for baby to actually remain sleeping! The Gunapod also fits nicely into car seats or prams AND it is the softest, most loveliest fabric. When ours arrived, Beatrice just wanted to roll around in it and rub her face on it! (To be honest, so did I!) It has washed beautifully too, so the softness is a permanent feature. Perhaps the best appraisal I can give is to tell you that the week before the Gunapod arrived, we had taken the week off work to spend some time with the children. Beatrice chose this week to grace us with some of her earliest get-ups ever (5:30-5:45) every single day. The first day back at work was the night I first used the Gunapod… We had to wake Beatrice up to get her ready!! Now, I’m pretty sure Gunamuna don’t claim this to be a feature and I obviously can’t guarantee you will get the same results, but I’m certainly sticking with mine! :)

The Gunapod is also available in chocolate brown and tickled pink and you can get yours now from Tesco online for free pick-up from your local store :)

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  1. Francisca Scieszka says:

    Sleeping bags that are made from cotton are the best since they retain heat and warmth at a longer time compared to synthetic fibers. “;*”‘


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