Delightful DIY Play Kitchen

When I saw Milla’s amazing play kitchen I just had to share! Amy, Milla’s mum came across this fab post on a re-purposed play kitchen. She fell completely in love with it and excitedly showed it to her sister and Mum. However, after thinking for a long time whether she could make her own play kitchen for Milla she decided it was too difficult a task and promptly forgot about it.

It was lucky then that she had showed it to her Mum as when her parents arrived to celebrate Milla’s 2nd birthday just look what they brought with them!


Amy’s mum had showed Amy’s dad the link to the kitchen and they’d set about creating one for Milla, in secrecy! Amazing parents! And amazing grandparents!

Here are a few step-by-step photos but for the full story head on over to Amy’s blog.


And here’s Milla, doing the dishes, in her new kitchen!



I hope it inspires someone out there to make their own little one a play kitchen. And, of course, if you do you must share it with me ;)

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