Big headed bears

These bears aren’t big headed in an up-themselves horrible way. They’re big headed in a way that makes them look so sweet I could cry! Made by Aintzi in Spain their facial expressions give me the impression they need a cuddle, and whilst your teeniest children may be too small to do so (small parts and all) they’d be lovely for older children or to sit on a shelf in the nursery. Priced at around £15- £20, these bears are a bargain especially considering they’re handmade. Just look at them and tell me you aren’t tempted…


Awesome images courtesy of Knitting Dreams

Oh so adorable! I love the little scarves and dresses they’re sporting. And I love those that are posed with teeny toys; buy some dolls house miniatures and you could easily recreate these sweet scenes!

 Heart Debs

Vendor Details:
Knitting Dreams Etsy Shop
Contact Aintzi via her Etsy Shop

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