Apfel Lollies

Those that know a little, or a lot, of German will know that apfel is actually just apple. Although these apple lollies are very similar to the chocolate apples that usually get stocked in supermarkets before Bonfire Night, there’s one difference… they’re sliced before dipped!

This idea, found over at Rosa Rot, makes perfect sense for mini mouths although it’s never crossed my mind before! Good job we have the internet, full of endless ideas that never enter our heads!

These are great for a guilt-free treat to tempt your child. Or even for yourself if you’re eating healthily but just can’t stay away from the chocolate* ;)

 Heart Debs

* Frozen, chocolate-covered bananas with crystallized ginger are bloomin’ good too. They’re my summer snack of choice when I’m trying to balance out my chocolate habit with fruit!

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