Last Minute Nursery Makeover

So, you have your 20 week scan and discover that your baby is a beautiful little girl! Exciting! You spend the next 16 weeks buying her clothes, agonising over her name and designing her very own pink and pastel nursery space. Then, you have another scan at 36 weeks which confirms that your baby is indeed…. a BOY!! Oh boy!! Imagine how that would turn your world upside down! This isn’t me dreaming up a story, this actually happened to Jason and Laura Oronzi. And so, in double-quick time (I would imagine!), they enlisted the help of Serena and Lily and Niche Interiors to transform their pink and girlie nursery into a “punchy, graphic, hip and all boy” space. And what a fantastic job they did!

Find more details behind this story over at California Home & Design and all the details you need to recreate Dylan’s nursery.

 Heart Verity

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