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I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that recently I’ve been a little too busy. As well as my full time job I have several annoyances on the side that are taking up a little too much of my free time and so, until they’re dealt with (hopefully soon!), I may have to repost the odd feature here and there. I hope you haven’t seen them or you simply enjoy seeing them again, and I hope to back on top blogging form soon ;)

I first came across Helen Musselwhite’s pretty paper sculptures at a Manchester Craft Mafia event. I loved them so much that I ended up buying one!

Paper is one of my favourite mediums when it comes to artwork as it always amazes me that something so semingly flat and lifeless can, with a few cuts or folds, create something magical. Plus, it’s cheap so anybody can take part in paper art!

The lovely layers of carefully cut paper in Helen’s work are displayed in shadowbox frames to become wonderful little scenes that would look lovely on a shelf or wall of a child’s room.

There are more colourful designs that could be described as more childlike and fitting for a nursery:

Helen Musselwhite

And there are those with words that are relevant to your happy little family:

Helen Musselwhite

But I also think the softer coloured creations are also perfect. They’re reminiscent of fairytales and extremely beautiful…

Helen Musselwhite

And I am so in love with the fantasy worlds delightfully displayed in glass domes, if you don’t think these are right for your child’s room then buy one for yourself!

Helen Musselwhite

Awesome images courtesy of Helen Musselwhite

All of Helen’s sculptures are handmade in her North West studio. Just get in touch to purchase these perfect paper creations or commission your own.

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