Banilla Sandwiches

I’ve been finding myself a little addicted to peanut butter lately. Maybe it’s being over here in Canada; they put it on quite a lot of foods, and I’ve discovered it’s bloomin’ tasty in a smoothie with frozen banana or in a hot sauce for pouring over ice cream.

My love of peanut butter makes me want to try out any recipe that calls for it! So these lil Banilla Sandwiches look like a perfectly satisfying snack :)


Awesome images: Bakers Royale

You can find out how to make them here. Simple and speedy makes them a great after-school treat. The only problem is the Nilla wafer cookies, I’m not sure they sell them in the UK. But browsing the biscuit aisle of the supermarket will surely turn up an alternative, and the biscuit aisle is never a bad place to be ;)

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