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Buttons have, as long as I remember, been one of my favourite things. We used to have a big tin full and I loved sorting through them for absolutely no reason at all… they just ended up back in the tin. Now I buy them randomly and tell myself it’s with the intention of using them for some project. But they never seem to get used… I think I’d just like a big tin of buttons again, kind of like affordable treasure :)

Anyway, buttons are cute and practical but I didn’t realise they could also be customisable!

Well they can! Because these particular buttons have 9 holes and 9 holes means you can stitch them on to your little one’s clothes, cushions or dolls whilst also spelling out letters! Amazing!


And if you’re puzzling over how to make all the letters then just download the free font from the ABC Button site!


Buy these brilliant buttons online here at 9€ for four buttons. Just remember less is more; your children may struggle to move if you get carried away and spell out entire sentences :)

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