The Wonderful Words of Woop

Woop is brought to us by the graphic designers of Harry Potter. It is a wonderful world of words – specifically collective nouns.

They say –

Collective nouns are one of the wonderful eccentricities of the English language. From An Army of Ants to A Zeal of Zebras, the wit, charm and beauty of these popular and often evocative terms fascinate, entertain children and adults alike.

If you are as interested by the quirkiness of the English language as I am, or even if you simply like pretty pictures, then I promise, you will love Woop. I found it very difficult to choose which prints not to show you of Woop’s collection, so I have had to go with a random selection :)

Charming yes?! I think I need them all!! A loveliness of ladybirds and a galaxy of starfish? The language is beautiful enough, but combined with these images… Surely a Woop print is a must have! Especially when there is a print for (almost) every letter of the alphabet!

 Heart Verity

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