Sprinkles for smiles

I discovered a gorgeous site when looking for a feature on food last night. It’s called Sprinkle Bakes and has some incredible recipes on it such as Red Wine Lollipops, Chocolate Amaretto Crepe Cakeand Chianti Chocolate Cupcakes (which is totally what Clarice bakes for Hannibal Lecter these days).

Although stupidly delicious-sounding and going on my list of recipes to try, they may be a little bit too grown-up for this blog, especially the wine pops! Worry not, there are a whole load of sweet treats for the tots on there too. And, as the title of the site suggests, there’s a healthy dose of sprinkles on many of them! This much colour is sure to make a kid smile…


All awesome cakes: Sprinkle Bakes

If you love the look of these as much as I do here are the recipes you need to check out:

Or just make whatever you fancy and pour sprinkles all over it. Would make me smile :)

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