Shake & See

Christmas for my family means getting together and playing games. I’ve been brought up on games and absolutely love them! A trip to the toy store this year, to see whether there were any good games to add to the collection, had me discover a game called Find It. It’s simply a container filled with plastic pellets and little trinkets that you have to search for by shaking the thing. I remember thinking that surely it was something you could make and today, when I was browsing Pinterest, I found that someone had done just that!

By finding a suitable container and filling it with little trinkets and rice, Jill created a Find It game for a fraction of the price…


Awesome idea & images: Meet the Dubiens

You could make this more difficult for older children by having a bigger container and more rice for the trinkets to hide in. And, if you DIY your own Find It game, you can easily change up the trinkets after a while rather than have to buy a new version when the kids get bored :)

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