Christmas Crochet

Some of you may remember Debs’ post recently about Adorable Amigurumi, and her very own, lovely creations. I am not as blessed with her talent but as I wanted to show you some festive examples, here are some from other talented peeps! :)

Christmas Crochet

Awesome images courtesy of:

  1. Fave Crafts Blog
  2. Christina Miron on Etsy
  3. All So Cute on Etsy
  4. Rene Bardel
  5. Dawanda
  6. Amigurumi Zoo
  7. Sweet As A Peach
  8. Amigurumi Crochet
  9. What A Tripp!

How cute?! I bloomin’ love that Rudolph!! Debs…. ;)

 Heart Verity

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