Nursery Inspiration: Autumn Leaves

Inspiration is all around us and sometimes we are lucky enough for it to be beautiful too! Autumn, though not the friendliest season weather-wise, is a very colour-generous time of year. Colours that I personally think would look lovely in a baby’s room! Well, any child’s room actually. This is certainly a theme that would grow with your child (no pun intended).

  1. Branch shelves from Interiorholic
  2. DIY Leaf mobile from Good Housekeeping
  3. Wall decal from Styley Walls on Etsy
  4. Leaf garland from Imeon designs on Etsy
  5. Rug from Orvis
  6. Cushion from Belle and Boo
  7. Crib from Sears
  8. Print by Mary Kilvert
  9. Silhouette lamps by Adam Frank

 Heart Verity

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