Mapped out

Want a toy that’s fun, educational and you can proudly say you made it yourself? Then you need to check out this interactive map idea. Pretty papers on corkboard and cute flag pins make learning geography so much more adorable!


Awesome images: Crate Paper Blog

For the full ‘how-to’ get yourself over to Crate Paper Blog. If your little one isn’t from the US and you’re wondering whether there are other things they should be learning before the states, then how about making it a map of Europe or the UK with some additional pins for major cities? It doesn’t even have to be a map… you could cut shapes of clothes out of pretty paper, different letters or numbers. The options are endless because really anything’s going to look lovely with those pretty papers and little pins popping out. Just make sure you don’t give this toy to the tiny ones, I’d be scared the pins wouldn’t end up in the board!

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