Decorating Gingerbread

I have a lovely idea for a party today thanks to photographers Daria & Andy. I spotted their Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party on their blog and had to ask if I could share! True this is extremely well suited to Christmastime (gingerbread just is Christmas in my eyes) but if you remember the famous fairytale of Hansel & Gretel with its house built of sweets then you can easily make this work any time for a child’s party. And I bet they’d have a lot of fun making these. Maybe more eating them :)

Prepare the party houses

You will need to bake and assemble the houses before the party so the little ones can purely concentrate on the fun part… decorating! Daria & Andy used a recipe and pattern they found here. It’s a good idea to assemble each house on an individual cake board so you can move them easily afterwards. If you’re wondering what the tins seen in the photo are for they’re just to hold the roof up whilst the icing set…


Selecting sweets

Give each child an individual bowl to collect the sweets of their choice. With this party being at Christmas there are some quite Christmassy sweets included here but of course you can use absolutely anything, provided there are loads of bright colours and everything tastes yummy!


Decorating deliciously

Make sure each child has enough space to decorate their house, complete with a bowl of icing for the glue and something to apply it with such as a palette knife or spoon…



Here are the finished houses and don’t they look amazing! I love that the house in the bottom right image has a hot tub, that’s my kind of house ;)


An awesome party bag

If you buy a roll of cellophane and string for the party you can wrap each house and let the child take it home with them. Then they can spend the next few days eating it…


Awesome images courtesy of Daria Bishop Photographers

An activity and party bag all-in-one. Ace!

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