Christmas card time!

It’s almost time to send out Christmas cards and if you have a new addition to the family this year perhaps you’re thinking of popping them on this year’s card? If so, how about the adorable idea of photographing them with fairy lights?! Now I’ve seen a few of these pictures on Pinterestfollowed by comments of how irresponsible it would be to let your child play with fairy lights. I think that’s a little harsh. As long as you don’t take your eyes off them long enough to chew through the wires, which you wouldn’t, then this would be fine. And it looks soooooo cute!


Awesome image credit: Caroline Tran (left), Wishes & Fishes (right)

The above left is a professional photographer’s shot, the one on the right taken with a mobile phone; both insanely adorable! So don’t worry about having a fancy camera to give this a go :)

If you like the idea but are really worried about the lights then just photograph them in front…


Awesome image credit: Pinkletoes Photography

Still so sweet :)

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