Spooky ABC

Halloween is almost here! A great opportunity to spend some time with the family, decorating the house, getting dressed up and spooking the relatives! We thought we would dedicate a week to the tradition, and give you some time to prepare. I’m kick starting the week by bringing you this fantastic Halloween book, Eve Merriam’s Spooky ABC.

Through the whole alphabet, starting with A is for apple (of course) but in its own, spooky ABC way!
Apple, sweet apple, what do you hide?
Wormy and squirmy, rotten inside.
Apple, sweet apple, so shiny and red, taste it, don’t waste it, come and be fed.
Delicious, malicious; one bite and you’re dead.

With brilliant illustrations and spooky poetry all the way through, this book will appeal to kids (and big kids!) of all ages :)

 Heart Verity

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