PIXSTUDIO Pushchairs

I have some awesome, little people transportation devices for you today, by the very talented Valentin Vodev. First of all, the Roller Buggy which cleverly transforms a standard pram into a scooter buggy! For parents on the run (or just parents in that case!), it enables much more speedy movement of small people through towns and cities. I love this! Due to the speed aspect however, it is only for use with children aged 18 months and over, but in all honestly, who with children under 18 months has the energy to scoot anyway?! :)

Then we have the Pullchair, a lightweight, foldable, ‘pullchair’, perfect for travel with children aged 1-3, who want to walk, but tire easily.

Such good ideas! Think I ‘need’ them both! :)

 Heart Verity

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