Picture places : 08-10-11

The reason for the date on this post is because I think I may revisit this idea from time to time. And the idea I’m talking about is where to place them pictures. Once you’ve taken lots of lovely shots what are you going to do with them? In a digital age many photos don’t even make it to print which is such a shame. Perhaps if you’ve thought through exactly where that favourite photo will go on display you may be actually get it off a computer screen and into a frame… although where these round-ups are concerned a frame may not always be necessary…


Awesome images courtesy of (from top to bottom & left to right):

  1. Traditional Home,
  2. Anne McElwain via More Design Please,
  3. Talia Christine,
  4. Marie Claire,
  5. A Rustic Garden Blog,
  6. sfgirlbybay,

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Tonight I’ll be celebrating my first Canadian Thanksgiving which is exciting! :)

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