No neck. Big smile.

“A raplapla is a doll without a neck. A doll without ears, elbows, knees or even a nose. But each raplapla has a wonderful smile (without teeth) that won’t wipe away in the wash.” This tagline describes the wonderful Raplapla dolls that, considering their lack of normal body features, are incredibly cute. They’re simple in design and even a little bit odd looking but they’re definitely eye-catching and worthy of a cuddle!

I also love that the Raplaplas were invented by once-upon-a-time-fashion-designer Erica. I’m a big fan of any small cottage industry making it to a fully-fledged business :)

Let me introduce you to them…


I think they’re all adorable! Even those that remind me a little of Tina Turner :)

 Heart Debs

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