Jellio joy!

Rubik’s cube, 3D glasses, Gummi Bears and Spirograph… Jellio takes all these pieces of nostalgia and more, combines them with interior design know-how and comes up with quirky lights and furniture. As a child of the 80s I’m in love with everything they create, but the bright colours and playful element to their creations makes them just perfect for a child’s room too.

A popcorn chandelier

I love the lights Jellio makes. From a ball of Gummi Bears to a ball of popcorn, ice cream cones and balloon animals each creations looks so much fun and I’m sure a child would like them just as much as me!


Fabulous furniture

And the furniture is very cool too. The Spirograph table actually works! Amazing!


Some of these items are pricey but I imagine you could get a lot of use out of them, as when the kids have moved out you can sneak it into the main house and enjoy it yourself which, let’s face it, would be why you really bought it in the first place ;)

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