Chalk world

When I don’t have an interview with a photographer to share with you I like to feature other photography-related things. And today’s is a simple, sweet idea using a pavement, some chalk and a chair (most likely). All you have to do is draw a chalk world, or get your child to, have them enter their drawing (fans of Mary Poppins will love it!) and then stand on the chair to take a picture of them from above.

The result is an adorable portrait shot like these…


Awesome images courtesy of (from top to bottom & left to right):

  1. Stacie Hawley Photography via I Heart Faces
  2. Yankee Drawl via I Heart Faces
  3. J.Crew via Ohdeedoh
  4. Be Calm. Be Strong. Be Grateful. via I Heart Faces

I love the Christmas one. Something similar would make a great Christmas card to send family and friends. Just make sure you snap it soon before it becomes too cold to leave the house!

 Heart Debs

P.S. Any portrait photographers that would like to be featured in the Belle Bébés asks… feature please get in touch.

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