Tooth Fairy Organisation

Every so often I find something that makes me cry ‘genius!’ and the Official tooth fairy kit by Notion Farm is one such product. These certificates are made to accompany each lost tooth on its journey to the tooth fairy, including details such as name, age, tooth lost, compensation and method of extraction (that could be an interesting field!). There is a reusable cloth bag to store them in and the certificate includes an envelope in which the tooth in question can be housed. This means the tooth fairy can file and store them safely somewhere without having to hide them in stupidly tiny envelopes that get lost in the back of the bedding cupboard. (Not that I’ve spoken to our tooth fairy much, obviously…).

The letterpress certificates are so beautifully done and such a good idea, I only wish I’d thought of this myself! Head to Notion Farm’s where to buy page to find your closest stockist.

 Heart Verity

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