Thunder and Lightening and Thor

We have shown you the beautiful work of The Indigo Bunting before, in Debs’ When I Was Born post. Today I have some lovely party favours for you, that Erin made for her nephew Jacob’s 5th, Thunder-and-Lightening-and-Thor-in-an-airplane party!

Thunder and lightening favoursFruit bars

The ace favour bags were printed with an image of the birthday boy as Thor, designed and made for the party by Erin. These contained fruit bars wrapped in homemade themed labels, rock candy swizzle sticks and purple chocolate balls, spinning tops and best of all, homemade tattoos! What a brilliant favour idea! I didn’t know you could buy tattoo paper to print yourself. Thank you The Indigo Bunting!

Homemade tattoos

Head to Erin’s sister’s blog, Mount Custard for more pictures of this awesome party!

 Heart Verity

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