Squished softies

Have I got the cutest bears to share with you today! These FLATOUTbears are made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin that has been shaped into a teddy bear. They come in several soft colours and two sizes: 12″ x 10″ and 7″ x 6″. The smaller one is apparently ‘handbag sized’ which perhaps is to let you know it’s easy to carry around for your child… but I’m thinking you could just hide one of these cuties in your handbag for yourself!

What makes them so sweet? Other than their softness I believe it’s the fact that they’re flat. As they’re all squished and vulnerable-looking it makes them appear much more in need of a cuddle than your regular bear! Ready to say ‘awww’?


I bet they’re fairly easy to post too, making them a perfect present :)

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