Paint by numbers

Remember paint by numbers? The gift that could turn the artistically challenged into Van Gogh? Well, it wasn’t quite that effective but it did give those who weren’t that handy with a paintbrush the opportunity to complete a piece of artwork, stand back and proudly announce “I did that”. Well you can apply that principle to murals too! Perhaps you want to paint a lovely wall for the little one but think you’re useless at art? Fear not! Just make it a giant paint by numbers like the Cabin Collective do :) Just check out some of their amazing work…


Awesome images courtesy of Cabin Collective via Making It Lovely

And I don’t think it would be too tricky to do yourself. If you scanned a blank paint by number piece, printed it onto acetate and projected it onto the wall all you’d then have to do is trace and fill in the shapes with paint. True it’s not quite as quick as rolling one coat of one colour on the walls but you will be able to stand back and proudly announce “I did that”. And that’s a good feeling :)

 Heart Debs

P.S. Here’s a tutorial of another method too :)

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