Mozzee Nest High Chair

Looking for a super cool, cleverly designed, easy-clean high chair that will last your child right through from 6 months to 6 years? Then I have the very thing for you! The Nest by Mozzee has been designed with children and style in mind. It looks sexy whilst at the same time is equipped to deal with sneaky scrambled egg deposits.

The Nest has 3 configurations – Dine, the standard high chair option, with removable tray. Boost, for children aged 2-4 years, who just need a little, well, boost. And Nester, the cool, low chair for older kids up to 6 years.

Mozzee Nest 1Mozzee Nest 2Mozzee Nest 3Mozzee Nest 4Mozzee Nest 5Mozzee Nest 6

The Nest can be yours for a cool €246.50 (around £215). Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound so cool, but, when you think you could get 6 years of usage out of it, then actually, maybe it’s not such a bad price. Built to last using durable materials, maybe junior number 2, 3 or 4 could get some use out of it too – definitely value for money! And it’s worth it just to have something that looks like a piece of modern art in your kitchen :)

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